BELLYFLOP Mag Review: what_now Day 3

BellyFlopBELLYFLOP magazine have reviewed the what_now festival; which took place at the Siobhan Davies studio in London last week.

Here’s what they had to say:

Katye Coe’s (To constantly) Vent, in which she and fellow runners jogged through and around the building throughout the festival appeared to me as a commentary on the event itself, and its capacity as an intervention. Wearing high-visibility jackets and looks of concentration or indifference to the spectators, they went through any activity that was in their way, though politely and with warning. It spoke to me:

We encircle ourselves with ourselves.

We make ourselves visible for one another, but are hidden to the rest.

We distract nicely without disturbing anything.

We must not disrupt.

We endure.”

Click here to read the full BELLYFLOP review.

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