what_now festival

IMG_0885This evening the Siobhan Davies Dance studio opened their doors for the private viewing of what_now (2013).

The fifth ‘what’ festival since it’s creation in 2009, what_now hosts a range of performances curated by Frank Bock. The ‘what’ festivals were started by Gill Clarke in an attempt to showcase the latest generation of performers and look at the question ‘What are the legitimate concerns of dance today?’ Each festival builds on groundwork laid previously, continuing Clarke’s aim of “giving visibility to a broader understanding of embodiment, movement and how this in turn manifests in the work from choreographers and dance artists today.”

what_now festival which is open until 7th April, hosts work across a number of spaces in the Siobhan Davies studios’ including performances which travel throughout the space.

Coventry University’s researcher and lecturer Katye Coe, was invited to contribute and performs throughout the festival. Katye’s piece, ‘(To Constantly) Vent’ sees a four performers (including Katye) run through the studio space at different times, interrupting whatever may cross it’s path and surprising the audience as it does so.  Accompanying Katye in her performance was Gian Paolo Cottino, a visual artist based in the West Midlands, Stephanie Townsend, a freelance artist and Coventry University graduate and Joana Tischkau, a final year dance student at Coventry University. 


Katye’s work is described in the festival programme as “fleeting yet gentle work which is concerned with intervention, duration, with what is not seen and the way imagination works when witnessing the repeated presence, then absence, of a physical body, over time.”

Vent will be performed throughout the duration of the what_now festival.

Katye Coe is a performer, researcher, Coventry University lecturer and artistic director of Decoda.

Blog and Images by Nicola Vaughan. 

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