Katye is the Artistic Director of Decoda, a non-profit organisation based in Coventry which has grown from the bi-annual Summer Dancing festivals.

The group creates spaces, workshop series, festivals and curated performances for the independent arts community. Offering year round artist led dance activity in 4 loosely framed areas.

The 4 areas include:

1) Making Space (residency and artist support)

2) Writing Alongside (discussing and writing about dance practice)

3) Programme (curating dance performance, festivals, events, classes and workshops… including Decoda Moved Series and Summer Dancing.

4) Dance ecology

Recent Decoda projects include; A weekend with Fiona Millward and Andrea Buckley, A weekend with Cecilia Macfarlane Autobiographical solo composition and A week with Charlie Morrissey  A week of extended morning practice and research led afternoons.

Why not keep up to date with the latest Decoda News and Events – join the mailing list. 

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